Writing and Speaking

You Worry Too Much – Write! Some Writing Tips for Beginners

Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere. Anne Lamott The above quote is quite true, the beginning is absolutely terrible. The first line is the hardest, because you’ll try to impress your readers with a monumental phrase, which – absolutely – must remain imprinted in the reader’s mind […]

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How Do You Start Practicing Argument With Thomas Aquinas?

Language permeates our lives: it is essential to nearly everything we do. Language organizes the world into manageable units or bricks that can be manipulated and understood. There are four modes of discourse. Discourse is any manifestation of language in living communication. They are: exposition, narration, description, and argument (persuasion). It is the writer’s primary […]

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Living Our Dream

One misconception of pursuing our dream is having to stop living our lives and doing something totally different. Excuses for not completing the book and becoming an author are easily accessible. We say we don’t have the money. We say we are too busy raising our children. We say we don’t have enough time because […]

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Importance of Journals and Books for Writers

Journals and books are very important writing materials for writers used for different writing purposes. It may be just for jotting down urgent information, for documenting comprehensive information or writing notes for educational purposes. Writers need journals and books for both long-term purposes and short-term use. For decades and centuries ago, journals and books have […]

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General Ideas

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