Implementation of Foreign Arbitral Awards in UAE

Obtaining an arbitral award is not the end of the road to redress. Execution or recognition is the subsequent phase, and this phase can be complex and prodigious especially if enforcement is supposed to be beyond the jurisdiction from where the award was obtained. Implementation of foreign arbitral awards in UAE challenging, particularly in cases […]

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Overview of Cybercrime

Cybercrime is also called as computer crime. Cybercrime is a crime that is done through computer that includes hacking, phishing and spamming. It is also used to commit violation to child pornography and hate crimes. Cybercriminals use different type of skills and technology through the computer to get access to the personal information, business trading […]

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Mental Health And Disorders

Mental health refers to the way we live, behave and deal within the society and life. It also relates to cognitive and emotional wellbeing. It is all about how we thing, fell about things and behave with the situations. The term “mental health” is also use to mean a lack of mental disorder. The mental […]

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Impact of DUI Conviction on Your Employment

DUI conviction occurs when a person drives a vehicle under the influence of a drug, alcohol or any other substance of such nature. A person convicted of DUI has to face long-lasting consequences from the court of law that includes fine payment and license suspension. Driving the vehicle under the influence of any drug is […]

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Medical Malpractice – What it is And What You Didn’t Know About It?

Highly skilled medical professionals such as doctors or healthcare providers sometimes deviate from their established medical practice and can put the life of a patient in danger. Given the legal definitions, medical malpractice claim occurs when a medical professional(s) breach the standard of medical care. They chose to do something that otherwise a reasonable doctor […]

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General Ideas

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