Be Proactive: One Key to Business Success

In doing your own business, many factors should be considered. You should consider the time, money, people and other resources that you have invested. Another principle that you should possess is the proper attitude in managing a business. You should develop a positive attitude in order for you to succeed. Your decision to take charge […]

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No Guts, No Glory – The Importance of Reaching Toward Big Goals

If you want to drive your organization to a higher level of success, here’s a word of advice: set some ambitious goals. No one ever unlocked the leadership capabilities, creativity and passion of their employees by asking for modest gains. Unfortunately in our “prove-it-before-you-do-it” ROI world, some organizations limit risk-taking and inadvertently penalize those who […]

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Paper Shredders

As identity theft becomes a real problem in our society, paper shredders begin to fill a growing need in the community. Businesses and individuals both desire to safely and effectively destroy sensitive documents. While individuals can rely on small paper shredders to effectively destroy credit card statements and bank paperwork, larger corporations need something more […]

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Liquidity in Business

Liquidity in business refers to availability of cash in times of uncertainty or in times of unwanted cash outlay. It is the capacity of any business to be prepared for any cash disbursements without any burden on where to get some money. This aspect is very important in any kind of business. In managing your […]

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Pain at the Pump

Everyone is feeling the pinch to the pocketbooks at the pumps these days. What can be done? Should anything be done? In this capitalist society it is not the duty of the government to interfere. However the gas prices are getting out of control. Katrina is over and production has recovered yet the prices increase. […]

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General Ideas

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