Tips for Making Your Next Conference More Memorable

If anything from conferences to what might just be company wide meetings are a regular part of your work life, very quickly they can all just blend together. It can be hard to remember what important piece of information came from which conference. Now that you’re heading a conference of your own, how can you avoid the all too common pitfalls?

Thankfully there’s plenty of ways to make it memorable, so there shouldn’t be any issues fitting these stand out tips into your upcoming conference. The trip itself will stand out and your colleagues never forget their experience as well as the information they’ve learned.

Make It Fun

There’s a lot of work that’s going to be done and that’s of the utmost importance. Once everyone is in the building and the time slots are set, that’ll start to take care of itself. With that in mind, what’s the best way to make sure things aren’t too serious? Entertainment might be the perfect answer.

While you won’t know everyone personally, you should have an idea of the types of people that are going to attend your conference. Keep that right in the front of your mind as you’re considering what types of fun to bring along.

There’s no right answer here, it’s just a matter of knowing your audience. Depending on who they are, having dancers for hire might be the option that’s most loved. If you think they might be a different kind of people, maybe a comedian or motivational speaker might fit that a little bit better.

Think Outside The Box

This is a great rule of thumb for approaching every aspect of your conference, but where this is not to be understated is location. Depending on who the intended audience is will help to narrow places down. Think, “Are the guests going to be paying out of pocket to come or are their companies sending them out?”

Answering those two questions will help knock out a few more potential choices. Also, think about whether or not a majority of your attendees will be coming from the same region. If that’s the case, regardless of who is picking up the tab on the airfare, guests might not want to travel too far simply because of personal responsibilities.

Keep A Quiet Space

Everyone will have their rooms, but try to have a designated place, on the floor of the conference, for someone to catch a quick minute to themselves. This might not be something people would have thought they needed, but it’ll stick out in their minds going forward.

A room like this is going to be perfect if the conference is getting a little on the loud side and they quickly need to answer a call from home to make sure everything is okay in their personal lives. This space is also going to be much appreciated by those who just gave a speech and need a peaceful few minute to unwind from all the tension that came along with it.

General Ideas

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