Food and Drink

The Organic and Healthy Food Market

Recent research by market analysts nVision suggests four in ten adults now choose organic options on a regular basis. Organic supermarkets in England are booming and Europes biggest organic event, the Biofach exhibition in Germany in getting bigger every year. Unfortunately, at the moment retailers are charging artificially high prices. I was in Tesco last […]

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The McWorkout

McDonalds, the most notorious proprietor of French fries, fried burgers and fried, well, just about everything else, has come a long way since the popular film Super Size Me, exposed the horrors of the high-fat diet and forced the Ronald to remove the “super sized” options from his fat-induced menu. Ever since the film grossed […]

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Deep Fried Turkey

The turkey is a large bird that is used for many delicacies. Deep frying turkey is very popular in the Southern United States, especially Louisiana. It is ideal for barbecues and outdoor parties. Deep frying retains the juiciness inside the turkey, while making the skin crispy. For deep frying, the ideal temperature is between 325 […]

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Hot Air Popcorn Poppers

Popcorn is a great snack to have when watching movies or just relaxing. When people are dieting, it can be hard for them to choose what to eat and what to avoid. Unbuttered popcorn is considered to be light, easy to digest food. Unbuttered popcorn contains fewer calories and has enough fiber to make it […]

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General Ideas

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