Day: June 24, 2021

Be Proactive: One Key to Business Success

In doing your own business, many factors should be considered. You should consider the time, money, people and other resources that you have invested. Another principle that you should possess is the proper attitude in managing a business. You should develop a positive attitude in order for you to succeed. Your decision to take charge […]

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No Guts, No Glory – The Importance of Reaching Toward Big Goals

If you want to drive your organization to a higher level of success, here’s a word of advice: set some ambitious goals. No one ever unlocked the leadership capabilities, creativity and passion of their employees by asking for modest gains. Unfortunately in our “prove-it-before-you-do-it” ROI world, some organizations limit risk-taking and inadvertently penalize those who […]

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Implementation of Foreign Arbitral Awards in UAE

Obtaining an arbitral award is not the end of the road to redress. Execution or recognition is the subsequent phase, and this phase can be complex and prodigious especially if enforcement is supposed to be beyond the jurisdiction from where the award was obtained. Implementation of foreign arbitral awards in UAE challenging, particularly in cases […]

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You Worry Too Much – Write! Some Writing Tips for Beginners

Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere. Anne Lamott The above quote is quite true, the beginning is absolutely terrible. The first line is the hardest, because you’ll try to impress your readers with a monumental phrase, which – absolutely – must remain imprinted in the reader’s mind […]

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Career Clusters, A Bridge Between Education and Career Planning

Since 1960s, career cluster resources have been used as career exploration and planning tools in schools, learning communities, and organizations across the nation. Career Clusters is a system that matches educational and career planning. Step 1: Identifying Career Cluster Interest Areas Career clusters are groups of similar occupations and industries. When teachers, counselors, and parents […]

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General Ideas

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