How to conveniently send handwritten notes or cards

To physically demonstrate how much we appreciate or value someone who has done something good or who has given us a favor whether big or small, we send handwritten notes or cards for him or her. For others, they may just be a piece or some pieces of paper but the gesture will surely mean a lot to make the receiver feel better and loved. Sending handwritten notes or cards is just a simple way to recognize someone’s presence in our life, but it is something that lasts a lifetime.

Why send a handwritten one when you can always use alternative ways like email or digital messages that are faster and seems more convenient? Also why spend effort when it is not easy to think what to write in a handwritten letter or messages?

A handwritten note or card has a personalized touch that uplifts the spirit of the receiver especially those who often neglects the world outside the www – world wide web. Handwritten notes and cards are an invaluable tool to show gratefulness to anyone in a more thoughtful and genuine way. A handwritten message is better than digitally made ones because it creates a better and stronger connection between the giver and the receiver of the letter or card. There is authenticity in every handwritten card. When you put effort on something, that means more value, that means what you want to express is worthy, something that is treasured.

It is also true in business or the corporate world. Giving your customers or co-workers a handwritten card or note is one of the most wonderful ways to show your goodwill within your relationship with them. It’s letting them know you care about them and that their support is essential. It is also a way to make them feel your good intentions for continuing the relationship with them.

But in this age of technology, where everything seems to happen so fast, people rarely write a note or send handwritten cards in showing appreciation. This fast-paced world made people too occupied that they opted to just send emails or digital messages readily made for everyone’s consumption. Showing gratitude nowadays become generic and sending messages seem to lost the sense of a personal touch.

Good news because there is now an innovative way to conveniently send handwritten notes and cards with feelings.

Handwrytten, a company established in 2014 makes sending handwritten notes as easy as sending an email. Their technology uses patented robotics machine that have an unmatched handwriting quality and scalability to make handwritten notes or cards.

How can you conveniently personalize your handwritten letter?

Handwrytten allows you to customize letters online using your own handwriting and even signature. If you’re in a hurry and you can’t do everything on your own, you can just choose from a variety of real handwriting styles and predesigned cards. They offer more than 29 distinct handwriting styles, giving you a lot of options.

Technology nowadays is giving us more reasons to get connected with people around us especially with those that really matter. With the convenience technology gives us via apps and online services, never hesitate to inspire people thru handwritten letters or cards.

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