The Andaman Islands in India

The islands are richly covered with tropical forests and trees. This is why some rare types of birds only live in the Andaman Islands. However, the factor that really attract tourists who travel to India the most in the Islands are the magnificent shores surrounding almost all of the islands.

Featured with its crystal clear water, many wonderful colorful fish, and some magnificent coral reefs, the beaches host some of the richest marine reserves in the whole world that attract several vacationers to spend their holiday in India.

During the past few years, due to the decrease in the prices of flights coming from India towards the Andaman Islands, the number of travelers who enjoy their vacations in India and visit the islands notably increased and the Andaman Islands held a position in the touristic map of India. This is in addition to some other flights that arrive from Thailand and other Asian countries to directly land in the islands.

The Andaman Islands, for administrative reasons, are grouped together with the Nicobar Islands, situated around 200 kilometers to the South. The Andaman Islands in fact consist of around 200 islands that largely range in their sizes. However, most of them welcome a large number of travelers who tour India.

Tourists enjoying their vacations in India are only allowed to visit specific islands in the Andaman group. Most boats and flights arrive at the area of Southern Andaman. Travelers may obtain a permit of one month to stay in the Andaman Islands upon arrival either by air or by boat.

If you want to enjoy a peaceful relaxing vacation in India, perhaps the Andaman Islands would be your perfect choice. However, there are some points you need to consider like away from the settlements and small towns, there are rarely any services or facilities. You would even need to carry and set your camp yourself.

The weather of the Andaman Islands is usually tropical all year-long with the temperature ranging from 25 to 25 degree centigrade. The humidity on the other hand is never less than 70%. Tourists who travel to India who plan to explore the Andaman Islands should put all these facts into consideration before planning their trips. The best time to visit the islands is from January till April when the weather is in its best conditions.

Since it is the starting point of any tour to the Andaman Islands, the southern section of the islands is the most crowded and populated. The capital of the islands, Port Blair, itself hosts some amazing shores and beaches including Corbyn Cave, Chiriya Tapu, Wandoor, and Madhuban are quite remarkable for travelers who tour India.

Port Blair itself has a distinctive character with many small huts covered with tins that overlook the amazing sea from the west, east, and north of the city. It is only the Southern section that hosts some fields and forests.

Away from the beaches, there are a few other things that might interest travelers who spend their holiday in India. This includes some small local museums illustrating the history of the islands. However, a visit to Port Blair can never be missed, as it is the starting point of any tour in the region.

General Ideas

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