9 Best Indian Places to Read Books


Are you planning for a holiday over the weekend? It is pleasurable to have peaceful settings while you are reading an engrossing novel. How many of us have the knack of finding such a nice setting to enjoy reading? We have heard a lot of people going to their usual place where they get to know their creative best. Some people find them in the comfort of their home while others go to their favorite spots to trigger their mind to become creative.

Best Places for Reading Books

Since many are not that skillful to find an idyllic place for a good reading, we have found for you the perfect settings for readers. You just need to pick up your suitcase containing favorite books and warm clothes to embark on a favorite journey. At these wonderful places, you need to curl up in the comfort and merge with your books to travel to realms of situations which stories weave up for you. In this article, we would be listing 9 beautiful places for you to make your reading experience enjoyable and absorbing.

1. Kerala: The houseboats floating in backwaters of God’s own country offer perfect settings for book lovers to stay glued to the story and characters.

2. Hampi: The architectural splendour and the history of Hampi can motivate the ardent readers to finish one book after the other.

3. Goa: The sound of sea waves and the gentle touch of sea breeze give a blissful state of mind to ponder the world of letters in true earnest.

4. Rajasthan: If you have some provision for cooling yourself, just like shades, cool water supply, Rajasthan sand dunes offer an excellent backdrop for unperturbed reading.

5. Coorg: You can grab a place on the banks of Kaveri River to give a cool environment to read book comfortably. Make sure that you choose a spot where you receive good, cool breeze from the river.

6. Kohima: You can cosy up in the warmth of a cafĂ© and hot tea in a rainy season of Nagaland’s capital city to set up a nice mood for reading a book fully.

7. Ladakh: You can think off finishing the last chapter of a novel gazing at the sky full of stars and think about what the book conveys.

8. Kashmir: You can lie low on a shikara or boat on the peaceful Dal Lake enjoying the nice breeze and read your book of interest.

9. Ooty: It is better to enjoy a warm cup of tea while reading an absorbing novel and think about the plot as it unfolds before you stare at the majestic mountains and picturesque landscapes this hill resort provides.

General Ideas

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