Impact of Changing Technology in The Private Security Industry

Over the last few decades, the security services industry has changed significantly. We observed the major transition from a safety officer to a security officer; increased focus on safety and customer service; improvements in education and professional development and technical implementation as part of the overall security solution. In this era, the criminal and health & safety hazard cases are very common in corporate organizations. According to statistics provided by 13 biggest companies in India, there have been 121 industrial deaths occurred in FY18. Therefore, the requirement of a well-trained security guard is significant in the industry. Although technological advancement has allowed various technologies and gadgets that are designed to aid in security operations, there are certain attributes that a security guard should always traits. Here are some of the DSSG standard features that make the security guards stand-out. Innovation has also transformed the industry’s profile by finding new ways of designing effective officer practices and collecting data to develop strategies. The solution to a safety problem can be a mix of resources, systems and technologies. A single-size solution to security is no longer available, and never should be. We are residing in an age of technology and we need to upgrade to endure in the sector. We saw a drastic technological shift. The combination of technology and safety technologies has completely converted effectiveness and company operations. In the meantime, technology has also altered mechanisms of private and national safety. Over the moment, technology modifications introduced different safety possibilities; motion sensors linked to sophisticated core systems and CCTV linked to smartphones are just a few instances. Appropriate training should couple with new technology and other safeguarding methodologies for the development of a Private Security Agency. An effective security framework that includes top-of-the-art technologies can be crucial in driving our economy as a whole towards higher stability and development. Industry consultants have suggested the expected increase in manpower by around 10% in the next 5 years. On the other side, money and electronic safety, which make up 20-25% of the personal safety sector, are primarily organized to control 75-80% of the market. There are some evolving technologies in the security industry that can leverage new-age security technology solutions. Security Robots One of the next big things in the security industry is supposed to be the use of safety robots for physical security and surveillance operations. Robots have already been used in manufacturing industries to carry several hundred kilograms of special containers and to deliver supplies to the production wards from the storeroom. Security robots’ concept is now being used worldwide. Artificial intelligence for the recognition of faces and behaviours Artificial intelligence is now commonly used to do almost everything from weather prediction to autonomous car piloting and more. AI is now being introduced to video surveillance applications that by anticipating influential criminal offences aim to deter criminal activity. There is some AI technology that watches people in real-time and detects micro-expressions that can trust the evil motives of an individual. Such tools can be used against criminal records to identify such behavioural patterns and catch images. Such tools can be used against criminal records to identify such behavioural patterns and catch images. Drone monitoring systems A drone is a great air surveillance tool and in the physical security industry, it is a game-changing technology. The drones will capture huge amounts of information that cannot be kept up by human observers. Drones equipped with face recognition, target recognition, and other monitoring systems that can perform automated security activities such as crime dissuasion, situational awareness, and criminal prosecution, and more. Currently, drones have exceptional capabilities such as night vision, no-line-of-sight operation, autonomous operation, and behavioural tracking with highly advanced surveillance. Data Analytics Today, there is an inseparable link between big data, the Internet of Things and physical security. For physical security, advanced data analytics allows organisations to coordinate their physical security data outside conventional documentation and can be used to forecast physical security procedures and potential safety threats. Manual analysis of such enormous data from different security systems can be a time-consuming exercise to detect incidents. To obtain actionable results and comprehensive insights, security organizations need to leverage data analytics in security processes and operations. Predictive safety modelling makes it possible to anticipate and prevent potential attacks based on context. Use of smartphones Using smartphones and other handheld devices enables security professionals to capture and send information in real-time while on guard tours or managing a post. Web-based reporting tools now allow officers to record incident information, including photos, and then send notifications to appropriate staff in real-time. Mobile devices today can help drive enforcement and efficiency. From post-confirmation, GPS mapping, guard tour reports, presented evidence to controlled compliance issues such as assault and battery on campuses. Mobility allows data to be submitted directly on the spot, making it more precise and reliable than information collected in an old-fashioned way and then retrieved hours later. Ultimately, less time spent guarding property and assets at a desk filling out paperwork means more productive time. Ultimately, the security officer is the first responder and the linchpin of the security readiness of any organization. The true measure of the success of a security program starts by hiring the best people, equipping them with the best training, fitting them to work in the best atmosphere based on their skills and ensuring a rewarding route to professional development. Excellence, Proficiency, and Morality, are the outset of customs. Our well-organized manpower accomplishes the requirement of the industry. We have an arrangement for providing skilled & non-skilled workforce according to the business needs. Our well-trained manpower always works prudently to ensure the organization’s quality standard. And, this is precisely why we are always the first choice for our clients. DSSG’s major objective is to achieve astonishing client satisfaction by delivering exceptional service experience.

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