Overview of Cybercrime

Cybercrime is also called as computer crime. Cybercrime is a crime that is done through computer that includes hacking, phishing and spamming. It is also used to commit violation to child pornography and hate crimes. Cybercriminals use different type of skills and technology through the computer to get access to the personal information, business trading secrets and may also use the internet for abusive and malicious plans. They also use system for different type of communication and document or data storage. These type of criminals those who are included into such illegal activities are often said to be called as hackers. The most important plan of a cybercrime is the financial lockdown. And it may have many different type of profit-driven criminal activity, to the most they attack the data of the person and lock it down and demand a price before they unlock it. Then there is also email, internet and identity fraud, trying to break into accounts to steal money and also breaking into credit/debit cards information. They also target people’s private profiles and information, as well as corporate data for theft and resale. Another thing that cybercriminals might do is that they may attempt to hijack a website to change their content and to delete it, or adjust database without approval. This is done through a code injected into the website which then be used in misusing in the website database, allowing the hacker to access and tamper with the data and record or gain access. These access includes customer’s password, credit card number, personal classifiable information, trade secrets, intellectual property and other sensitive information. It just is not a crime on the internet but also effects the physical and mental health of a person who becomes its victim. If you wish to avoid and safe yourself from any such threat of cybercrime you should be aware of its different kinds. There is just no going around it. Because no one can come up defending oneself against something he/she doesn’t know. Here are few types of cybercrime that everyone should be aware of. • Hacking: It is the illegal accessing of a single device like laptop, smartphones and computer network and every single person who is connected to this activity is called as hacker. Well the meaning of the word may seem harshest, but hacking is not illegal in and of itself, and therefore is not a crime. It is a skill and is about what very intelligent and smart people with such kind of skill can do might be illegal. • Cyber stalking: Cyber stalking includes internet bullying. It is the use of internet and many different online platform within as well as other electronic devices to stalk, bully, harass or blackmail a particular person or a group of people. There are few cases where cyber stalking can worsen to physical violence, rape and even murder. • Online Identity Theft: When a person tries to steal your personal information like social security number, credit card information, Bank account number through different online means is called as online identity theft. Such kind of information can be achieved by different kind of ways like phishing, malware injection and brute force hacking. It is the most critical type of cybercrime as it just doesn’t cast loss of financial term but also the frustration that is causes. It’s like just a one fell swoop for them and you all money is gone. • Online Child Abuse: This is said to be the most dreadful type of cybercrime. There are many different kind of activity that establish online child abuse which will include the downloading, selling and distribution of child pornography through various websites and solicitation of child for sex through chat rooms. It is also a federal crime under the U.S. code. • Ransomware: This type of attack is when the cybercriminal injects a specific type of malware into your device. The name itself has the definition, which is that the cybercriminals locks down your data until you pay them the ransom amount that they are demanding from you to unlock your data, until you pay them the amount you can’t get access to your data. Every year the ransom global coast of ransomware exceeds above 4-5 billion dollars. • Internet Fraud: These are the kind of frauds where the criminal would create false fund accounts regarding Aids or Cancer. Where they might convince you on giving huge charity for the sake of humanity. As the momentum grows they might also ask you of a hefty donation that could be a one type payment or a series of payment. • Phishing: This kind of operations are used to penetrate corporations networks by sending them fake emails to users in an organization, where they invite them to download certain stuff by clicking on to ads and links which ultimately then spreads viruses or malware to their system and through their to the company’s network system.

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