Mental Health And Disorders

Mental health refers to the way we live, behave and deal within the society and life. It also relates to cognitive and emotional wellbeing. It is all about how we thing, fell about things and behave with the situations. The term “mental health” is also use to mean a lack of mental disorder. The mental disorder in you definitely effects daily life, your job, relationship and even physical health. Mental health also includes people’s capability to enjoy life and to obtain a balance between life actions and efforts to achieve psychological flexibility. Risk factors: The Doctors say we all have that possibility to develop mental health problems, it doesn’t matter if we are young or old, whether we are male or female, rich or poor or which cultural group we belong to in this world. It is said that every year the mental health disorder patience raises in millions. Not only in United States but in most of the developed countries and this world mental health disorder are one of the most leading causes of disability. A large number of population of people those who have disorders have more than one. Common Disorders: Anxiety disorder, mood disorder and schizophrenia disorders are the most common type of mental illness found in people. Anxiety Disorder: It’s the most common type of disorder and mental illness. In this disorder the individual has severe fear or anxiety, which is linked to certain objectives or critical situation. Many people with this tendencies will try to ignore exposure to whatever causes their anxiety. Example of Anxiety disorder. Panic: Sudden shock or any incidence might affect the person to panic and experience sudden paralyzing terror or a sense of imminent disaster. Phobias: This might add simple fears of objects, social fear of being judgmental to other and agoraphobia is a situation where getting away or breaking free may be difficult. There are numerous type phobias within a human mind that we do not even know, maybe there are thousands of them. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD): This is related to obsessions. The person has obsessions and urges. Thoughts of constant stressful obsessions and powerful urge to perform dull acts, such as hand washing. Post-traumatic stress disorder: This order happen when someone has gone through a traumatic event so fearful and awful that they had experienced or witness. Because of which they think that their life and the people’s lives are in danger, where they ultimately feel that they have no control over what’s happening. There is no possible reason or way to know a person is developing health problem, however there are particular signs that appears in a short span of time, those could be probably these: If a person starts smoking and drinking. Excessive use of drugs is a vital sign of mental health. Taking away from the amusement activity and healthy activity. No proper sleeping time and no proper diet. Being lazy and not caring of anything around. Unenthusiastic and getting low in energy. Getting frustration of little things and showing uncharacteristic emotions and display. State of confusion and being perplexed over decisions. Not able to fulfil your daily plans, going to work, preparing meal and fitness care. Overthinking and recalling memories over again and again on consistent basic, especially those which hurts you deep within. Thinking of suicide and that to harm one’s self or others. Because you are losing your mind and control over your mind and one’s self. When you feel like you are having visions and you hear voices or you talk to yourself. One is not able to understand the concept, the surround and makes mistakes on regular basis.

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