Impact of DUI Conviction on Your Employment

DUI conviction occurs when a person drives a vehicle under the influence of a drug, alcohol or any other substance of such nature. A person convicted of DUI has to face long-lasting consequences from the court of law that includes fine payment and license suspension. Driving the vehicle under the influence of any drug is a grave sin, as you jeopardize not only your safety but also the car driving parallel to you. Besides, it can have serious implications on other aspects of life. However, the effect of DUI conviction on employment is one of the aspects that cannot be ignored. It can drastically affect one’s career growth and other potential opportunities. Therefore, if you found yourself in such a situation, consult a DUI attorney in Forest Park, Georgia. DUI and Employment The first and the foremost thing in which DUI can significantly affect certain professionals is the “fingerprint clearance card.” You can have it from the concerned Department of Police Safety in your city-state. For instance, teachers rank among such profession that needs fingerprint clearance card. Precisely, the card clears the fingerprints of an individual and becomes a piece of evidence that they do not possess any previous criminal record. On the contrary, if any individual commits DUI and their fingerprint card is either suspended or restricted. Then, in such a scenario, it poses significant penalties on the individual’s career. Moreover, other implications include revocation of the driving license, prevention from driving for a certain time, and other high penalties rest the nature of the violation and the area within. Other Professional Consequences Many companies have a zero-tolerance policy for criminal offenders, apart from the fingerprints clearance card policy. Consequently, individuals who get a DUI might be fired immediately from their concerned companies because of the DUI penalty record. Companies with high moral or ethical standards have included such clauses in the employment contract that immediately calls for termination or other criminal conviction. Besides this, a DUI leaves a negative impact on people who are looking for a new job or seeking future qualification, and skilled institutions. Additional, students who have been driving under the influence of DUI charge might have to face for financial assistance. Conclusion It is advisable to have a sound knowledge of the possible consequences of the DUI conviction on employment opportunities. In many firms, the type of DUI, as well as the severity of the offense, will be taken into consideration before hiring new employees. This is to ensure the clean record of the employees. A case in point is that an Arizona employer will not discriminate against you because of DUI when you are applying for a business license. The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) guidelines state that an employer should be given a fair chance to explain the circumstances of a DUI before deciding whether to hire him or not. Briefly, your DUI record can be set aside if you fulfill your probation as well as your sentence. For that, you need an experienced DUI attorney, who can save you from the possible consequences of the jail time serving and other high penalties. As your DUI attorney, he/she will guide you throughout this process and helps you in getting out of the situation. Otherwise, initial DUI offense results in a year’s suspension that causes potential havoc to a person’s job, educational pursuits, and family obligations. In the event of DUI conviction for the second or third time, then the consequences will be severely harsh with a high penalty fee. It requires a long procedure to reinstate the driving license. Hence, it is advisable to consult a DUI attorney on time to save yourself from the trouble of tiring trial procedures.

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