Increase Your Online Contest Popularity Like This

Owing to the roaring popularity of online contests, many web portals are jumping into the e-challenge business to bank upon the massive demand. However, it’s easier said than done as not all sites enjoy same popularity as some of the big-shot portals. It’s not that they lack content, but there are minute factors that play an important role in deciding the fate of e-contest portals. This article talks about how small steps like changing color of your website can play a significant role in increasing attractiveness of your online contests to win prizes easily: Survey your pivotal words for website streamlining. Does your principle page hold enough of the primary catchphrases to guide movement to your site that is scanning particularly for your item? Change the color plan of your site. No one likes a dull black and white portal as it does not go with the playful theme of web contests. For starters, you may visit some renowned quiz sites for reference. Content writing is a must. Once you complete the content of your portal, your job isn’t done! Just like programming, writing too needs regular upgradation. Keep making small changes to your content to provide freshness to audience. Add live chat feature to your portal. A user feels assured when he has someone to talk to and listen to his problems. They feel more associated to your gateway when they can connect with a real person while on your site. Moreover, this is a simple interface and can be executed easily. State clearly the process of contest running, winner announcement and prize allocation on your website. This helps user to be assured of your authenticity in a big way. Add an active RSS channel to your web gateway. This is a very innovative way of increasing user engagement as they can collaborate and connect to your contests even when they are not on the page. One feature that can actually make you stand out from the league is your testimonial feature. Having a separate section for a list of previous winners along with their testimonials will lend legitimacy to your name and increase interactivity. Use big pictures related to every contest where users get a chance to win tablets Online, smartphones, cameras etc. Pictures catch attention and intrigues users. Give something for free! Yes, no one can resist the temptation of getting stuff for free! You may give out cash credit, food coupons of leading eating joints like Dominos etc. for free. Promote your portal on social media platforms; make interactive videos telling users about your contests, their USPs and you have in store for them. Remember, user simply wants to know stuff that would benefit him. Anything else only diverts attention away from your web gateway. Feature branded products as prizes. Also, prizes should be practical and not something that is of no direct use to the user. Featuring branded products instils user faith in your site and also attracts attention. Maintain a blog where there are regular updates related to recent developments on the site. Make it a point to update the blog on daily basis so that user gets interested and starts following your blog entries regularly. Apart from that, it sis integral to keep a track of comments being made on those posts. This is a great way of tapping user interaction. Set questions that are pretty basic and simple because no one wants online quiz contests to be reminiscent of their college exams! Link your site to the blog, social media pages, video channels and other channels of promotion for maximum exposure.

General Ideas

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