Say No To Bullying!

Bullying is one of the worst things a child experiences in his childhood and all the best schools in India try to minimize or exaggerate bullying from their schools. If you are one of those people that have experienced bullying in your childhood you know what kind of mental stress comes with it. You can’t concentrate on your studies and you always feel uncomfortable while studying. We must stop this and it is a duty for every teacher to teach the students proper manners and discipline so they never bully each other and remain friendly with each other. Bullying also poses a life threat to a child’s life because he feels unsafe and unwanted. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of tragic events that have proven this statement. In order to prevent this, we must take proper steps. A lot has changed throughout the top schools in India in order to fight this. We have come a long way in order to prevent bullying from schools but unfortunately, it has not fully vanished. Bullying is still practiced in some of the school and colleges around the world. Bullying has now taken a form of ragging and become worse in letter days. It is a considering matter and we must take proper steps to prevent it. One of the schools that has taken proper steps to prevent bullying is one of the top international schools in India GD Goenka Rohtak. We have taken some important and impactful steps to prevent bullying from our campus and we believe with optimum knowledge and skill we can eliminate this from our campus. Now, we will present you some of the important steps that can help you to prevent bullying: ● How Can You Prevent Bullying From Your School? As students tend to grow older, they learn to identify bullying languages and actions. In order to stop this, you need to develop positive communication skills among the students. This will create a positive environment and bullying will less likely occur in a positive environment. Every school must have a proper system to prevent bullying. They should have an established system for every child to report any kind of bullies or threats anonymously in order to get proper and instant attention. There should be a trained Counselor or a professional that can tackle the said situation easily and properly. There should be regular classroom discussions about the motivations and side effects of bullying to promote self-awareness among the students and to explain how sensible bullying is to the students. All the children must understand that those who bully were actually once themselves bullied. Students who bully behave aggressively because they want to take some sort of revenge from other students. These children are actually powerless and suffer from low self-esteem. These students tend to higher their self-esteem by surrounding themselves with people they can actually control so they can feel superior among them. Bullies actually diminish others in order to inflate themselves. Students that have been bullied or those who get bullied from time to time suffer very terribly. Proper education can help the students to become better and choose positive choices to prosper in their life. This will also eliminate bullying from the school campus. Children must be taught how to handle bullying by professionals through role-playing and other methods. For instance, students can write plays and acts to portray bullying in the classroom. A child can become a bully or a bully supporter and a victim in order to understand the situation more clearly. This will help the students to be aware of bullying.

General Ideas

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