How To Use Catia For A Successful Business

WHAT IS CATIA? CATIA is the abbreviation for Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application is CAD software which was developed by Dassault Systemes and technically supported worldwide by IBM. It is one of the most powerful Knowledge based and widely used software of its kind in the world. That is written in C++ programming language and is the basis of the Dassault Systemes product lifecycle management (PLM) software suite. WHERE IS CATIA USED? CATIA is being used by manufacturing facilities, designers, architects, assemblers, and industrial engineers, etc. The most frequent users of that technology are usually Electronics, Aerospace, Architecture, Appliances, Mold and Die, Consumer Goods, Construction, Automotive, Furniture, Medical, Machinery, and Shipbuilding industries. It has also played a significant role in NASA’s design of the various Space equipment. INCREASING IMPORTANCE OF CATIA In recent years, as technology has become more widespread and affordable, CATIA has rapidly evolved to cater to a more diverse market place. Due to the certain characteristics of it like flexibility, engaging with industry players, the combination of product and process development has made it very attractive to businesses across a wide range of industries. Some of the branded and popular companies that use this technology as their core engineering platform include Airbus, BMW, Ford, McLaren Racing, Nokia, Nikon and Sanyo. Notable by-products of this market presence are the ready availability of skilled CATIA personnel in the market-place and an ever expanding range of other products that are CATIA compatible. To take advantage of desining field and improve their skills. HOW CATIA IS USED IN BUSINESS This is the New and advanced software in the design field. It is important design software for mechanical engineering. It is used to make surface design from certain manufacturing techniques, ergonomic analysis of a car. This is a giant and an all in one package entirely on different scale. Using CATIA you can not only create a car, but a factory in which it will be produced, the machining processes required, and even you can simulate ergonomics studies as well, like whether the current layout of a plant will be comfortable for workers to work or not. CATIA helps engineers and designers achieve their objective. It allows engineers to be creative while satisfying the technical requirements of a product. It helps engineers to design products which accelerate the core activities of the product development. Some other benefit of using CATIA software are advanced 3D drafting techniques, assembling designs and drafting stand-alone 2D part drafting. Another most important utility of CATIA software is the variety of the integrated modules. Engineers and designers can easily, without significant effort, passes between Surfaces Modules to Part Design Modules, to Assembly Design Module to Digital Mock-Up Kinematic module to make the mechanisms simulation, etc. CATIA TRAINING PROGRAM Joining CATIA online Course Classes during lockdown would be beneficial for you as you can learn all about this field just by sitting at your home, thereby saving your time & money. Others benefit that you will get includes:Real time and updated knowledge of SEO concepts and Opportunity to work on live projects with International Certification and much more.

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