Find a Job You Enjoy

Does it seem strange to think of having a job that you may actually enjoy? Should not work be about watching the clock, feeling desperate to go home and counting the seconds until your lunch break or home time? Well no, work is a big part of your life and so you need to enjoy it. After all if you find a job that you enjoy then it really will not feel like work, so you can just have a good time and get paid for it!

No job is probably 100% fun and games, there are always some little blips, but in some ways, if you enjoy your job overall, then you really don’t mind these, because you are just enjoying yourself.

But the million dollar question is, how do you find a job that you enjoy? Well this is indeed a very good question! So for a start you need to think about the kind of things that you enjoy. Do you like to meet people, or are you happiest alone? Do you like animals, children, young people, old people, are you into games, music, sport?

Once you have decided on some areas that really interest you, then you should think about the opportunities that are available, but try them out before you opt for a sudden career in music or theatre. Life can often be different when you are doing something ‘as a job’ so what starts off a passion can end up being pretty dull.

Temping is a good way of testing out different jobs before you embark on a career, since you are under no obligation to stay and if you don’t like it, you can get another placement. True, you may not be able to get a temp job as a DJ or film star, but you can often get related jobs, which at least can help you decide if this is the career for you or not. You can also talk to your recruitment agency about different kinds of positions that are available. But you need to try them out and eventually you may find a job that you enjoy, even if you had not thought that it would be something that was up your street. So keep an open mind and then just enjoy!

General Ideas

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