Lawrence O. Lopez

War of the Worlds: Student Finance Versus Life

It’s a worrying time for current and prospective students. Figures from the Prudential, show that a third of UK university students have considered abandoning their studies due to the financial strain they have encountered. It is not surprising that many prospective students are finding the need to seriously think through the merits of going to […]

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Impact of Changing Technology in The Private Security Industry

Over the last few decades, the security services industry has changed significantly. We observed the major transition from a safety officer to a security officer; increased focus on safety and customer service; improvements in education and professional development and technical implementation as part of the overall security solution. In this era, the criminal and health […]

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The Andaman Islands in India

The islands are richly covered with tropical forests and trees. This is why some rare types of birds only live in the Andaman Islands. However, the factor that really attract tourists who travel to India the most in the Islands are the magnificent shores surrounding almost all of the islands. Featured with its crystal clear […]

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Finally The Perfect Funding RX For Anemic Cash Flow Blues In The Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry contributes approximately $1.3 trillion per year to the Gross Domestic Product according to a report by The Health Care Financing Administration, making it the largest industry in the country. As our population continues to grow and become older, there are increased demands for services by healthcare providers. The healthcare industry is not […]

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Importance of Journals and Books for Writers

Journals and books are very important writing materials for writers used for different writing purposes. It may be just for jotting down urgent information, for documenting comprehensive information or writing notes for educational purposes. Writers need journals and books for both long-term purposes and short-term use. For decades and centuries ago, journals and books have […]

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How To Use Catia For A Successful Business

WHAT IS CATIA? CATIA is the abbreviation for Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application is CAD software which was developed by Dassault Systemes and technically supported worldwide by IBM. It is one of the most powerful Knowledge based and widely used software of its kind in the world. That is written in C++ programming language and […]

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