Day: June 12, 2021

Importance Of Extracurricular Activities In A Student’s Life

Most parents in India feel that quality education is all about academic excellence. However, one must understand that education is not only about acquiring knowledge, but also about finding out ways in which the acquired knowledge can be applied in real-life situations intelligently. Moreover, when your child learns only to pass his exams, his/her mind […]

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Learning to Crochet

Crochet, in most people’s eyes, has always been a grandmother type of hobby. The reality, however, is that crochet is much more than your grandmother and is definitely much more than “just” a hobby. It is an art that gave you that quilt you received from your granny last Christmas, the sweater you got from […]

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Impact of DUI Conviction on Your Employment

DUI conviction occurs when a person drives a vehicle under the influence of a drug, alcohol or any other substance of such nature. A person convicted of DUI has to face long-lasting consequences from the court of law that includes fine payment and license suspension. Driving the vehicle under the influence of any drug is […]

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General Ideas

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